Trolley Dash

Dozy mum alert today when we popped for a few groceries on the way home from nursery. Of course, ten minutes into the store and the eldest needs the loo. “Come on then, quick!” (thinking please don’t wee on the floor!) as we rushed over to the security guard (the toilets are outside the store exit). “Can I just leave this with you?” and pushed our trolley in front of the security desk as we hurried out towards the toilets. I realised I hadn’t had enough sleep last night when my son asked me why I’d left his brother there. Absolutely mortified I ran back to the security guard and reclaimed my youngest son. Poor little thing was just sat there in the trolley wondering what was going on.

Unfortunately that wasn’t enough to snap my baby brain awake. Packing the trolley at the checkout, whilst keeping my eyes and ears on the little bother-causers running riot, without raising my voice, is a skill I haven’t yet mastered. When the checkout lady had finished scanning, and I’d packed the trolley, I thanked her and set off after the boys, who were already 3 checkouts away. As the look of panic swept across her face, I realised I definitely hadn’t had enough sleep last night. I apologised profusely whilst paying for the groceries and recounted the toilet story to her, trying to reassure her I was just having a ‘harassed mother’ moment. I think she’s hoping they got a good shot of me on cctv.

Of course, I should have done the quick shop before nursery pick-up, not after. But I was getting carried away at home creating a christmas card that can be quickly reproduced and therefore not cause me the six weeks of stress I imposed on myself last year, hand-making 40-odd cards, very slowly, all in different designs. This year I am doing one simple design, and reserving more complicated time-consuming ones for family. Close family. Mantra: I will not let the madness of christmas stress me out, I will not let the madness of christmas stress me out, I must be the perfect mother – NO! I WILL NOT let the madness of Christmas stress me out!

This card, although simple, has taken a bit of working out! I bought Couture Creations ‘Message in a Tree‘ embossing folder a while ago and have been really looking forward to using it. I wasn’t really sure how best to show it off so had a little search on YouTube last night and found a video showing all the folders from the Ho Ho Ho collection and some ideas for how to use them. I had never tried inking the embossing folder before but decided to give it a go:

Cards 012

Disaster number one: inked the folder directly from the ink pad and got streaks on the card. Later used it to have a little practise of inking the bauble directly onto the card – disaster number two.

Cards 013

This time I sponged the ink onto the embossing folder, which gave a much nicer finish, but a weak looking red, I wasn’t sure about it then my husband piped in his two-pennyworth and said he didn’t like it – disaster number three.

Cards 011

Thought I would try cutting myself a template to use as a mask to just ink the bauble – disaster number four.

Cards 014

Tried gold on the embossing folder, nice but the bauble needed some colour – disaster number five.

Cards 015

Finally, I gave up on inking the embossing folder (but I will definitely try it again, using a different folder) and decided to stick to the pearlised white. I used a sponge dauber to get smoother, rounder edges to my bauble. I really liked the snowflakes highlighted white when you ink the folder but that also left the writing in white which I wasn’t so keen on.

Anyway, eventually I arrived at my finished product:

Christmas sig

I made the bow on a fork, thanks to a Pinterest tutorial. I really do love embossed images and I think this folder sings its own praises without doing too much to it.

Cards 022

I am going to play around with colours a little more and will share them when I do. If anyone else has a good idea to share for showing off this embossing folder, please do!

I would like to enter this card into the Lisa.B.Designs September Challenge – White with a Splash of Colour. I hope it counts, I know my splash is a big splash! It doesn’t look like anyone has entered this challenge as yet so head over there, it runs until the end of the month.

Emma x

2 thoughts on “Trolley Dash

  1. Hello Emma, you certainly had an exciting day, hope you got a good night’s sleep afterwards. Thank you for entering your lovely card into the Lisa B Designs challenge, it definitely fits the theme. Well done on being the first entry too & good luck.
    Continue experimenting with inking embossing folders & try different inks. Because of the way inks react to plastic you’re unlikely to get a very smooth finish, but that can be a good thing as it adds another layer of texture. Also try patting the ink on first to create a base layer & then drag it down the folder.
    This is a card I made for the blog, using that technique;
    Let us know how you get on.

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