Transition into Motherhood

Transition into Motherhood – what I wish I’d known and accepted then, that I understand now:

That your birth would change my life irrevocably for the better

That the pain of your birth would fade and I would relish the rite of passage

That the physical scars do eventually heal and become a badge of honour

That no-one cares about the housework being neglected except you

That the exhaustion you feel can be eased by being good to yourself

That you can never get back the day that has just passed

That you won’t always wish you could go back to being pregnant, because it was easier

That it’s okay to have a good cry about the state of your life

That whilst a new baby is a joyful gift, it’s okay if it isn’t the happiest time of your life

That if you need help, it is better to ask for it than to suffer in silence

That if you have no idea what to do next, have a rest, and have a hot drink

That everyone else is not better at it than you

That you ARE good enough

That every mother wants to run away sometimes

That you will figure it out and it will be okay

That your instinct is ALWAYS right

But also

That your child won’t always want to rest their head on your chest,

That your child won’t always study your face so intently

That your child won’t always do that thing with their lips when they are asleep

That they will eventually grow out of those beautiful little snuffly mewing noises

That their amazing tiny little fingers and toes soon grow bigger

That they won’t always want you in the night and you’ll miss those quiet moments

That sometimes you will wish you could go back to this time even though it feels so tough now

That you’ll be singing Happy Birthday in the blink of an eye and you won’t know where the year went

That things DO get easier bit by bit

That your confidence as a mother will grow with time

That your child will love you unconditionally, just for being you

That sooner than you think you will want to do it all again


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