Tour de France 2014 – Grand Départ

Well what an exciting morning in our little village as Stage 1 of the Tour de France 2014 made their Grand Départ and came right through Pool in Wharfedale! My eldest and I had a little recce at about 9am and decided we’d better take our spots for a good view!

Next came the publicity caravan – now there were rumours of Haribo throwing sweets to the crowd and very unwisely my husband decided to tell our boys, who then absolutely couldn’t wait for their packet of sweets… and of course just as they drove past us the thrower wasn’t throwing… Nevermind boys! The lovely couple next to us managed to catch a couple of key rings which they gave to our boys so that relieved the situation. I got whacked in the side with an inflatable pillow lobbed at me by Ibis so I took that as a sign that it needs to come to the Sahara with me ready for camping!

Then after a short interval – the main event! Three riders ahead of the peloton from the outset:

Tour de France

Led by Jens Voigt – Trek Factory Racing/ USA

Then the amazing sight of the peloton – really quite astounded at the fitness levels of these men who continued this for almost 5 hours!

After this we enjoyed the car-less streets a little longer, joined in the activities on the local school playing fields (over-priced fairground rides & cake!), then went home to watch some live footage as the cyclists made their way up Buttertubs Pass – which was absolutely awesome. So sad to watch Mark Cavendish lose out at the end.

It seems I am a convert – it was fab! Can’t wait to watch some more Tour de France 2014!

Hope you enjoyed it too wherever you were and liked the Pool in Wharfedale views above!

Emma x

2 thoughts on “Tour de France 2014 – Grand Départ

  1. It must’ve been fabulous to watch the Tour De France! Hubby really wanted to go with his camera but he ended up working in Edinburgh instead. My brother was involved in a very roundabout kind of way…he makes paint and he supplied the temporary paint that was used on the roads in Harrogate for the race.

    Thanks for sharing your photos!
    Elaine xx

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