Tantrums and targets

Monday saw a conker commotion, yesterday was tea-time theatricals, and today we performed a route-home ruckus. Oh, the joys of watching a daily matinee performance of a pre-school drama. “I don’t want to go the noisy way, I want to go the quiet way – waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” (our codewords for the main roads or the back roads – obviously). Irony if ever I heard it. It never ceases to amaze me, the things that cause such epic-scale distress. “There’s some men chopping down big trees and putting the trunks on the back of a truck this way” I offered. “I don’t want to see that, it’s wubbish” he retorted, still sobbing. We can’t pronounce L’s and R’s yet. The comment came just in time to make me smile instead of wishing I could press the mute button.

We have also suffered a sleeping set-back here over the last two or three weeks. The little one wakes up at any small hour for an unknown reason, not wanting anything in particular, and only mummy will do (I thought those days were over!). Whilst the eldest has decided he needs about as much sleep as Margaret Thatcher, taking an age to go to sleep whilst shouting intermittently that he can’t sleep, also waking up at any given small hour, shouting demands at an illegal decibel level for that time of night, and wakes his little brother up in the process. When you’ve performed your parental duties, staggered back to bed and managed to get back to sleep, he gives you ten minutes then repeats the process. Just for fun. Somewhere between 6 and 6:30 they both decide it’s time mummy and daddy get up and get cracking. Now I know some parents have to put up with this sort of malarkey on a regular basis (I really feel for you if you do) but we are all sleep babies in this house and normally enjoy a full night’s sleep, every night, with only illness, excitement about presents and fireworks putting a spanner in it. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this phase is over soon as I am looking a little more dishevelled each day that goes by. So much for new term – new me! My specially replenished make-up isn’t seeing the light of day and contact lenses in tired eyes is not an appealing prospect!

Which brings me to my diet update: I lost the pound I had gained (my previous update) the following week. Certainly nothing to shout about, if it’s ‘only’ a pound going on, it’s ‘only’ a pound coming off too. I came to the conclusion that my metabolism has slowed to match my reduced intake and decided to increase my exercise level and have also slightly increased my intake in the hope that these measures will speed up my metabolism again. This Monday I had only lost another pound so a little disappointing but I have still lost over a stone nevertheless since July so remain optimistic. I am stomping up a very steep hill three times a week now and am getting quicker so that’s good. I’m enjoying it too, I put on a bit of fast-paced Amy MacDonald and feel like Rocky Balboa when I get to the top. Which obviously is really important for me as the more positive I can be, the less chance there is for me to relapse into negative thinking.


Another baby card for my card therapy of the last few days. This time I set myself the challenge of not using a LOTV image! So I went back to an early favourite of mine – shrink plastic! I loved this stuff as a child and was thrilled to see it in use when I started crafting again. It shrinks seven times smaller than the original after oven baking, which gives a much more even result than using a heat gun. Any colour you use ends up much darker due to the shrinkage too.

Cards 001

The baby clothing stamps I have used are from a Cathie Shuttleworth set ‘Baby Time’ and I’m not too sure about the button stamp – I think it might have been from a bargain bin at a craft show! I did plan to use the button embellishments but felt they were too big in the end so they don’t appear on the finished product:

Sasha baby girl sig

Sasha baby girl (5)


Glittery paper from my Dreamcatcher pad, a bit of die-cutting, inking, another try with the ‘new baby’ phrase (- works much better like this!), a pram punch, some beautiful ribbon from no idea where and I really love the end result! It was hard not to use LOTV but I’m glad I persevered as do like to try different things.

I would like to enter this card into the following challenges:

A Creative Romance – Dies or Punches

Creative Craft Challenges2 – Challenge 19 – Use ribbon

Inky Chicks – Challenge 13 – Pretty in Pink

Clean and Simple on Sunday – Challenge #17 – Oh Baby! (baby card)


Sasha baby girl (8)

I have also bought a new signature stamp from The English Stamp Company which includes my website now and so this was its first use. I think it’s lovely! Hopefully if she’s not too busy, I have a graphic designer on board to come up with a logo for Card Therapy. Even more excitingly, I am doing an online course at the moment from the Creative University in order to learn a little more of what I need to know about selling handmade cards. Tomorrow I need to get to grips with my business plan! Hmmmm target – sell one card!

That’s all for tonight, thank you so much for reading,

Emma x

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