Snowstorms and Deserts

Apparently it has snowed in the Sahara desert twice – in 1979 and 2012, however I’m not sure training in the snowstorms we had on Thursday will help me much in a few short weeks, as I’m expecting glorious sunshine and high temperatures! Our little one has just got over Scarlet Fever (I thought it didn’t exist anymore too) so there were a few days when I was housebound with my spotty boy. Once he went back to school, I knew I needed to get back to it. I chickened out of walking in the rain and wind on Wednesday, guiltily driving to yoga instead but then did 10 kilometres on the cross-trainer in the afternoon to try to make up, singing at the top of my voice throughout, probably scaring the neighbours/cats/postman. However I am starting to get addicted to all the walking so headed out on Thursday despite the forecast, to clock some more miles up. This is my Facebook diary of my walk!

11am: Off into the snow. I may be some time! Motivation – nil, determination – 1.

11:34: Quite pleasant actually

Trek training Trek training

12:27: Nearly eaten alive by a giant poodle in a snowsuit. Thank goodness for the muzzle. Bit lost now trying to escape the vicious thing!! (Wish I got a pic of him, hubby says he probably wanted to play!)

Trek training

This is the back of Golden Acre park in Bramhope, gorgeous.

12:48: Emma’s bench bit wet today. Taking 5.

Trek training13:15 Cramp in my big toe and snowflakes up my nose (thick snowflakes at this point, blowing in all directions – no photo of either my toe or my nose you’ll be glad to hear)

13:34 Brutal – not that you’d know from the picture, but it was blowing a blizzard and freezing! I was sheltering under a tree to take this:

Trek training

13:41: Poor horse, always there rain or shine 

Trek training13:48: Kelly Clarkson getting me home (singing out loud again into the blizzard):

DSC_0409 Trek training
















13:59: Nearly home (nearly done for, you mean)

DSC_0410 Trek Training


14:07: Back to blue sky, so pretty now (honestly 8 minutes after the last shot, crazy weather)

Trek Training14:24: 9 miles thank you very much. Was a bit lonely on that walk could you tell? Looking forward to having trekking buddies with me for the real thing Viktoria Bruce Rachael Dobson Emma Higgs and new addition Hannah Wait xxx

Trek TrainingI borrowed the White Hart car park for that one. Just to baffle any passers-by.

14:50 If anyone thinks that deserves a sponsor for a great charity Click away. Off on the school run now before my legs seize up.

Trek training

So that was my Thursday! Yesterday I managed to do outdo my personal best of 12.8 miles, by doing 14 miles, this time in dry weather thankfully. Unfortunately my feet reached their limit, and there may have been a few tears in the bath when I got back. Blisters on blisters, and skin ripping off with zinc oxide tape….hmmmmmm not pleasant. Better today though so time for another word with myself and get back at it, maybe just another day tomorrow to recover first!

Thanks for reading,

Emma x

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