Sahara here I come!

Verrrrrrry quick post tonight simply to say THANK YOU!!! To all who have sponsored me, supported me, encouraged me, and helped me along the way towards my Sahara trek – your efforts have been so much appreciated and I am a little overwhelmed to be honest. I was flabbergasted at the weekend to be thrown a surprise fundraising good luck party, which my friends organised, baked for, organised a raffle, and my MIL sold some of her fabric bags; which all in all raised another £250!!

Sahara here I come!

Sahara here I come!


So the day has almost arrived, the countdown is showing hours to go instead of weeks, and I’m about to get some shuteye. I’ve spent the best part of today packing, unpacking, and packing again…several times. I have changed suitcases…several times. I have culled my ‘necessities’…several times. I’ve still got a suitcase that’s too heavy and showing all the hallmarks of a girl that’s never camped out before/ doesn’t like being cold/ and is assuming she will need far too many energy gels/ snack bars/ Kendal mint cake. My rucksack is officially bigger than the regulation cabin size allowance, and no doubt I will have backache before I even get to Gatwick tomorrow, on account of dragging all my essentials across London. I’m petrified yet hysterical with excitement.

Thank you for all the very inspirational cards and words I have received, they are all coming with me to be re-read at any moment requiring a boost!

Inspirational And finally look at this:

SponsorshipWhat an amazing amount! This will make a HUGE difference to the charity and go towards helping ease the suffering of countless more families in the future.

Will update as soon as I can!

Emma x

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