Recovering and Recycling

I have been really touched by all the messages of love and support I have received since my last post, they have meant so much to me, and really have helped to get me through. I was especially moved because I received two cards, which I think is wonderful. That people feel able to respond to an acute episode of mental illness, just the same as they would a period of physical illness, is a demonstration of understanding and compassion. That is, as always, my main aim with being open about my own experience with mental illness. Even if you think you don’t know the right thing to say to someone, it is so much better to express something, than to just turn away. We are all human beings who need to feel loved and cared for, especially when we are unwell and unable to do the things we normally would. Thank you so much to all those people who held out their hand to me, you have made a big difference.

I am feeling quite a bit better overall. The desperation has gone and now I have felt improvements, it has restored my faith that I am coming through it again. I feel like I’m on a track going somewhere now, instead of stuck in a siding. I have taken some positive steps, not because I’ve been told to, but because I knew I needed to start somewhere, to get onto the ladder that leads out of the black hole. Even though it is a challenge, it is worth it, because knowing my own self-worth and enabling myself to be the best wife and mother I can be is all that matters, and I’m not giving that up for anyone or anything.

I am sharing my son’s birthday card that I managed to cobble together over about a week (!) and he got it three days late, but hey, it didn’t matter.

3rd Birthday CardI did a spot of recycling to create this card, as you might guess from the beautiful Peter Rabbit images. I spotted a £1 Crafter’s Companion card pack at the GNPE in March, and of course I had absolutely no intention of just using them as cards. I knew straightaway I would be recycling them for my son, who adores Peter Rabbit. Probably because he’s a bit of a lovable naughty little rabbit himself!











Peter Rabbit

Special Son

3rd birthday card

I would like to enter this card into the As You Like It Challenge – Favourite Item to Recycle because…

I love recycling cards, because it is environmentally friendly and because you can produce something special and unique instead of mass produced.

Thanks for reading,

Emma x


3 thoughts on “Recovering and Recycling

  1. Oh Emma I love Peter rabbit! and so clever of you to recycle! Brilliant card and still full of love no matter when he received it. Glad you are feeling better….hope to you Saturday…remember your money!! LOL

  2. Hi Emma

    I hope you continue to feel much better .. .. and I am pleased you have been able to escape into the crafty world for a while. I do think crafting is a great therapy.

    Great recycling and a fabby finished look. Love the shadows behind the letters and number.

    Love your fighting spirit too!

    Take care.

    Love Jules xx

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