Graduation… from nursery!

Kids asleep, double Corrie, hot Vimto, and a packet of Poppets, followed by 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown and a sneaky swig of the hubby’s Peroni – Friday night bliss!!! Thank the sun gods for the end of another hectic week, and sadly the end of an era at the boys’ nursery school. Funnily enough I haven’t actually felt sad about it, a little nostalgic perhaps (especially when I folded up tiny little uniform jumpers and t-shirts for the last time) as I think we’re all ready to move onto the next stage. The boys are moving up to school at the same time, as they are only one school year apart, so our youngest is moving to the nursery attached to the school, then they can stay together. Lots of their friends are going to the same school so that will be lovely and they are both really excited about it.

However, any big change triggers reflection for me and of course I have spent some time thinking about the last three years. Our eldest started the nursery about a week or two before I was admitted to the Mother & Baby Unit, so initially I was barely involved at all. When I think of that time, obviously it brings up bad memories, but mostly I feel so guilty how my eldest son must have felt then. Anyway, things began to improve hugely after that point, and he soon settled in, made lots of good friends, and thoroughly enjoyed every day there. Slowly I was able to become more involved and really loved chatting to the teachers and other mums each day. It has been such a blessing to us as a family, to have the reassurance of a happy child and lots of support from the staff. They’ve been great.

So I’m sharing my handmade teacher’s gift and thank you cards! The first is a quote I spotted on Pinterest and used to create a canvas for the nursery. I used Die’sire Alphabet dies to cut the letters, coloured then triple clear embossed the little wooden ABC, decoupaged a large wooden heart, and finished with a little bit of ‘thank you’ grosgrain.
Teacher's GiftTeacher's GiftI made it bright to be appealing to the children (hopefully it makes it to the nursery wall!).

Of course I like to make things difficult for myself, so I set myself the task of hand-making each teacher their own thank you card, all eleven of them… I was up late the night before the graduation, and only just made the actual graduation in time due to only writing them at last minute! But still I think it was worth it, and I hope it showed my gratitude. I have removed the full names just for privacy but they were on the cards!

Teacher's GiftTeacher's GiftTeacher's GiftThe hardest part was getting the boys to sit down and do their pictures! They are so cute though!

Teacher's GiftI felt really proud of the boys and myself when they were all finished, and hope they will be treasured.

All good things must come to an end hey?

Even Friday nights.

Have a good weekend,

Emma x



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  1. Oh my word Emma you have been busy and the boys too by the looks of things. I bet the teachers loved their cards and that canvas is sure to have pride of place it is brilliant! Think how far both the boys and you have come since that first day at nursery! Hugs xx

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