How to End Blogger’s Block

I’ve not blogged in a little while due to a severe case of summer-holidayitis, which itself has led to blogger’s block, the only cure for which is a VSI (very stressful incident) thereby providing inspiration to write again. I am therefore very grateful to the complete numpty’s that came into our house this morning, supposedly to provide a service, but instead didn’t have the foggiest idea what they were supposed to be doing, and when I expressed annoyance that they did not, numpty number one had a tantrum comparable to one of my children’s and stormed out, doing a pretty good impression of me in a grump, ironically. The only thing was, these two numpty’s were big ugly men and I was on my own with the children downstairs, whilst my husband was none-the-wiser upstairs adopting his favourite position on the porcelain throne. Good timing, darling. One of the big ugly men had a ‘shove’ at my new kitchen appliance (that he was supposed to be installing) in an attempt to demonstrate his intelligence (or lack thereof) and express his attitude, or at least intimidate me, which it did. It would be an understatement to say I was somewhat cross as they stropped off out of my house, quicker than I could send them out with my foot up their backsides, ignoring my request for a number to call and speak to someone with slightly more courtesy than themselves.

My next course of action included finding another numpty on the end of the phone, who smugly stuck me on hold for 8 minutes, at which point I hung up and lambasted them on Twitter instead. Always effective I find. A formal email complaint later and mark my words there’ll be trouble at t’mill tomorrow. There’d better be anyway.

So what to do in a state of stress? Turn to my new bessie mate Andy at Headspace. In the many packs of meditation sessions available within the app, I had seen the SOS ones and mentally had them ready to go:

Meditation SOS

I just love the way Andy guides you through, from taking big deep breaths, to actually being ‘with’ the feeling and then to letting it all go at the end. It really is amazing how helpful I am finding this app. I cannot recommend it enough.

So calmly onto the rest of our day, and lovely it was too.

RIP Robin Williams – what a shining star, a source of joy to many, and a tragic loss to the human race.

Emma x

One thought on “How to End Blogger’s Block

  1. How rude! Hope they get their comeuppance…

    Glad you’ve got Headspace to turn to. If the opposite of calmness is ever needed and you need a rant, give me a shout! lol


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