Batch 1 – Embossed Reindeer

We’re approaching the final furlong in the race towards the big day and the excitement is building here. This year our youngest is in on the act and knows Father Christmas brings presents so it’s double trouble with our two! I’m already wondering how much sleep I can expect on Christmas Eve. If I don’t get started on wrapping soon, it won’t be much because I’ll be up all night endlessly folding and sticking, never-mind calming over-excited pre-schoolers. Which reminds me, I need to get some paper that our eldest hasn’t seen, so it can wrap the presents from Father Christmas! He’s like a miniature Sherlock Holmes, asking questions that even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wouldn’t have thought of, like how do the reindeer fly, and why do they land on the roof, and why was the [Rotary Club] sleigh being pulled by a car? I could do a book of answers to the mysteries of Christmas, just to avoid holes in my story.

The Christmas cards are finally done and sent and so now I’ve found a spare minute I will share them – in three batches, as I made them! I love heat embossing for a simple elegant look, and I have a beautiful Clearly Christmas stamp set from Hunkydory so this is what I went for.

Reindeer card


Embossed reindeerTime for Gogglebox and a cuddle on the couch with my hubby!

Emma x


3 thoughts on “Batch 1 – Embossed Reindeer

  1. oh Emma! such an elegant card!!!!!! I love the red and gold! Alaia is the same with all the questions…. anything to do with Santa, my answer is… It’s Magic! everything is done with magic! and anything else about life that she shouldn’t know yet… fairies!!!! you have boys, so you could have magic elves of something!!!! Have a very Happy Holidays!!!!
    Mirella XX

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