Easy Peasy Wreath

Wreath inspiration is everywhere at the moment so I fancied having a go! In my mind it was an amazing ribbon creation in the style of those you can easily come across on Pinterest, just before you wonder where the last hour went. However a quickshop in Wilkinsons presented me with a lovely traditional selection. Their Christmas shop is fab and really good value. They have several wreath options, sizes and bases, as well as decorations, so I couldn’t resist. Here is my creation, with a little help from the boys telling me where they wanted everything:

Christmas wreath

Traditional Christmas Wreath

My favourites are the apples and cinnamon sticks, they are gorgeous and the cinnamon smells so lovely.

Apple & Cinnamon


I will attempt the ribbon wreath at some point, although it may be a Spring/ Easter one!

Emma x

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