Dreadful diet

West Yorkshire sunrise this week

West Yorkshire sunrise this week

Is it just me or has January has galloped along? I could really do with a pause button at the moment. Too many balls up in the air and not enough hands to catch with! I thought January was going to be a quiet month, well you know what thought did, don’t you?! I’ve dropped the balls I could – non-essential household chores, always the first to go; the dirty windows driving me a bit bonkers – finally asked the local window cleaner to do them for me (why did I wait so long?!); and my blog – I didn’t really want to drop that one but the galloping days trampled over my writing mojo.

Thankfully another weekend has arrived and so a pause button of sorts. Play in slow motion. Food shopping, blog, painting of the kitchen? (non-essential, maybe not), pep talks to my husband about his impending job interview, keeping the little ones entertained, card production, and exercise. Oh yes, exercise – another ball that has reappeared – that bloomin’ F word again. Another avenue of exploration into my mental health/ hormonal issues has included a trip to see a consultant in a Premenstrual Clinic this week. I have briefly mentioned it before, but days 18 – 25 for me are like playing Russian roulette and I feel controlled by some sort of inner demon. I definitely don’t feel myself on those days but as soon as my ‘hormonal reboot’ occurs (husband’s expression), I am sweetness and light again. Well, perhaps not sweetness and light but not a hormonal harridan either. Despite knowing there would be no silver bullet for the ‘curse’, I was quite hopeful due to the fact that even such a clinic existed. The advice given to me to alleviate my symptoms is number 1 – lose weight, 2 – exercise more, 3 – cut out caffeine and alcohol, 4 – eat less sugar/fat/chocolate, 5 – reduce stress. Oh what fun, no more bingeing after the children have gone to bed. My morning get-me-out-of-bed cappuccino has had to go too. I’m not bothered about the alcohol, I can take it or leave it really, although had been enjoying the odd glass of rosé and Bailey’s orange, separately of course. No more waiting for spring – my thrice weekly stomp up t’hill must be restarted. I was enjoying it ( I did write that, didn’t I?), but it’s taking some stern self-pep talking to re-enthuse me mid-winter. I was given advice about other options such as vitamin B6, Agnus Castus, and mineral supplements which may be worth a try, although none are scientifically proven. The other option is to look at changing my anti-depressant medication, but that would be a rocky road in itself. So I’m back on the health drive, knew I needed to be really, just needed a kick up the proverbial. I’m still over a stone lighter than when I started last summer, know I can do it!

My motivational quote of the day:

“You must begin to think of yourself as the person you want to be” – David Viscott

and one more:

“You have to stay in shape. My grandmother, she started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She’s 97 today and we don’t know where the hell she is” – Ellen DeGeneres

The Card Therapy shop is still a work in progress. Plenty of technical challenges! My crafting continues on stock though. I have made a couple of beautiful baby keepsake cards – here is a sneak peek:

New baby boy card

I also made a thank you card for my logo designer:

Butterfly thank you card

A simple embossed butterfly, using one of the new Wow! embossing powders Vintage Champagne:

Embossed Butterfly

Would love to hear any thoughts or experiences you want to share, have a great weekend,

Emma x

3 thoughts on “Dreadful diet

  1. oohh, Emma… that sneak peek of baby card is so cute! I can’t wait to see all your creations! exercising?! I started running last year with the 0 to 5 k program from the NHS, so good!, but had to stop due to a knee injury… thinking on starting again soon… the weather and short days don’t motivate me to start though! I should really! you should post in your blog when ever you can, but often please 🙂 , I love reading it, you are good with words!
    Sending lots of hugs from Inverness
    Mirella DK

    • Thank you MDK! You are very kind! I had a look at the 0-5k too, think it’s a great tool for getting people going. I like the walk I do round here, but the hills aren’t kind on your knees. It was knee pain that abruptly stopped me too last year – I need to make sure I take care of them this year – massage and ice packs I think. Keep me posted if you start again – wish you were nearby, we could go together!
      So sad what has happened in Scotland this week. Poor boy.
      Love and hugs to you too,
      Emma x

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