Chapter 2015 – Gratefully Terrified

Happy New Year everyone, here’s to the next chapter. I hope 2015 brings new opportunities, experiences, and challenges, but that we have enough strength, love and support to help and guide us through. I don’t know if it’s my advancing age, but there seem to be a lot of tough situations that people I care about are experiencing, and some that I don’t know (both people and circumstances certainly). It does make you realise how precious time is, clichéd as it is, to appreciate every moment, before it’s gone. Maybe it is a natural part of the psychological process of ageing, or circumstantial, or both; coming to terms with the world as it is and feeling incredibly lucky to be where you are now, content even. If this is what turning 40 does to you, then I like it (the contentment obviously, not the ever-increasing bad news)! So my new year’s ‘resolution’ of sorts, is to be grateful, for anything and everything. I have finally started a positivity diary/journal, admittedly under a certain level of duress (okay, encouragement, yes, I’m very grateful) from my CPN and therapist. The more I read about it, the more I am embracing the idea of encouraging positive thoughts as commonplace, instead of the incessant or even just routine berating of oneself for not being the impossibly perfect ideal. It is always useful to add to your mental health maintenance kit, and if you want to read more then click How and Why You Should Start a Daily Positive Journal and the Positivity Blog for useful starting points. You might have heard of #100happydays which is a similar idea with the same goals in mind.

My big challenge of the year is steadily approaching, along with the excitement and terror that goes with it. Preparations are now in 5th gear, as all the final dots and crosses are put into place. Jabs, insurance, train & flight tickets are all checked off. A small matter of plantar fasciitis is proving a little troublesome, but I don’t like to do things the easy way, so the extra difficulty will make my achievement all the sweeter! Either that or I’ll be slung over a camel. The journey to Gatwick presents my first mission – going on the Tube for the first time ever. I can’t be the only northerner to be a little bit scared of this daily mode of transport for many Londoners? (You can take the girl out of Lancashire…). I think I need to get a grip, after all I moved to Chicago by myself when I was 18, plus I’ve ridden the ‘L’ many times, which I’m pretty certain could give the Tube a run for it’s money with the fear factor. Ahh the bravado of youth. But seriously, the countdown to the trek has entered the final stage and I need to make sure I’m training every day now. The boys went back to school today so it’s eyes down – look in, for me now. I just hope I’ve got the stamina!

I’ve taken a little time out from sharing my Card Therapy over the last few weeks but hopefully will start posting a bit more again now and my experiences as I prepare for the Sahara. I don’t know what was in the water last Spring but there are quite a few new babies due or been born very recently so here is a welcome for a baby girl:

LOTV PushchairIt was a first inking for this stamp ‘Pushchair‘ by LOTV, coloured with Promarkers, and gone a bit bonkers with the liquid pearls. The sweet birdie paper is from Crate Paper – Little Bo Peep.

LOTV Pushchair

LOTV Pushchair

Time for me to gratefully receive my bed!

Emma x


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