Beside the Seaside

Beside the Seaside

My sister’s birthday and a longing for a summer that was only so briefly within our grasp, led me to another For The Love of Stamps set – ‘Beside the Seaside’ – which came with the June Edition of the For The Love of Stamps Magazine – Issue 5. This edition unfortunately isn’t available on…

Beautiful Babushkas

Beautiful Babushkas

Following on from A* Teacher stamping, along came some Beautiful Babushkas! This set was released by Hunkydory back in March and who doesn’t like Russian Dolls?! I played Babushka in a school play once, long, long ago – I remember I loved wearing a red scarf on my head! I also made a Russian doll…

Butterfly rainbow

Butterfly Rainbows

I needed to inject some colour into January so here is my (cheeky) paint sampler card: Craft supplies: Another variation on the theme, made last year, slightly bigger punch but with Papermania coloured card: Count them, yes there are 40! Always a favourite – butterflies and shades of the same colour grouped together. Emma x

Birthday girl

Simple Pleasures

Last weekend’s weather in West Yorkshire was gorgeous, a little glimpse of autumnal sun and warmth. We made the most of it here, drinking up every last available ounce of vitamin D. My little one helped me dismantle the garden furniture and we put it away for the winter. He’s very handy for a 3…

30th Birthday Card

Thirty Years Young

This is a special request card I made a few weeks ago for a 30th birthday. Now the birthday girl has received her card, I am sharing it with anyone interested! I remember being very hung up on turning thirty, now I’m about to turn forty… Older and wiser hey?! I decided to go for…

Toot Toot

Summer of ’14

There’s no surer sign of summer coming to an end than the heating going back on and yes, we’ve passed that marker in our house! Anyone else?? Hubby has even gone back on hot water bottle duty a couple of times. Summer of ’14 appears to have exhausted itself funnily enough at the same time…

Birthday Car(d)

Birthday Car (d)

Would desperately like to blog tonight but for the last few days I have been starting to have some trouble with the switch from one antidepressant to another (SNRI to SSRI) and it is beginning to wear me out. I am getting some bothersome withdrawal symptoms from my latest reduction of the SNRI which is…

Stamped portrait

The Return of the Creative Mojo

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is enjoying the sun, it’s been very hot here in Yorkshire. A little too hot for our little one perhaps, as after two full days of being out and about enjoying the weather he developed a fever yesterday tea-time and was complaining he was cold and wanted to rest. He refused…

Twin birthday cards

Twin Birthday Cards!

Mid-week again, crikey! Feeling much better this week too, thankfully, a bit more ‘with it’, if you know what I mean. Had a fabulous time at the weekend at the Great Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza in Harrogate, it was better than Christmas with 40 craft suppliers under one roof! It was a little bit bonkers first…

Coffee Girls

Sketch Card

A banging fuzzy head and time that goes faster than the speed of sound has limited my writing ability this evening. I would however like to share a card I made in the middle of a difficult day. It is a birthday card for a friend that I’ve not seen in far too long, in…