Boys Will Be Boys!

As usual the start of the Easter holidays was marked with bucketfuls of water falling from the sky, and I spent most of the day trying to coax the boys out into garden at every break in the rain – only to find it throwing it down again five minutes later! Thankfully what a difference the last couple of days have made – enjoying a bit more warmth from the sun, hanging the washing out – without having to be ready to break into a sprint to bring it all back in again, and now the cherry blossom in our garden is waking up: Cherry BlossomI love it! I’m going to have to make a Cherry Blossom card one of these days, but have got quite a lot to be getting on with at the moment. I have a few cards on my ‘to do’ list, several children’s birthdays fast approaching, the second wedding card I mentioned (Worrisome Weekend & Wonderful Weddings), a couple of commissions, and some cards I promised in exchange for sponsorship for my Sahara Trek for PANDAS (no, not the mammals, cute though they are) next March: PANDAS Sponsorship pageSo far, so good, with sponsorship, as you can see my total is £725 and I’m very grateful to all those who have sponsored me. There are now four of us signed up for the trek for PANDAS, and we are joining another charity group out there, not sure which charity though. You may be relieved to hear the training has commenced, and I am trying to replicate Sahara conditions by keeping my fleece on when I get too hot… Obviously I have a way to go yet, not just with the training, but I would really like to raise £3000 for this charity.  It is very dear to me because of what we went through as a family, but not only that, because mental health is way too low down the list of important things to talk about when having a baby. I also think that the bigger charities get the lion share of funds, and sometimes the smaller ones do just as much good, yet struggle to keep going. So come on, if you haven’t sponsored me yet, PLEASE do, it makes such a difference to so many families out there – just click on the picture above.

At the same time, managing the side effects of my increased dose of anti-depressants has been a full-time job in itself this week, with frontal throbbing headaches being the worst, nausea, restless legs, and night sweats coupled with the wackiest dreams ever being the most strange. Just as the headaches have settled a bit, I’ve had to push on up to the next level, so we’ll see how the weekend goes. At least the yawning has stopped so I’m not displaying a mouth full of amalgam to all around me.

Yesterday was so gorgeous, we decided to head up to Almscliffe Cragg to try to use up some of the boys’ boundless energy.

Almscliffe Crag

Almscliffe Crag

Almscliffe Crag

Hubby making me nervous!








Almscliffe Crag

Little daredevil

Almscliffe Crag

Mummy no. 100 feeding baby








Boys will be boys! It’s lovely up there, well worth a visit if you’re nearby. Very peaceful and great views.

Lastly I’ll share a quick card I made a couple of weeks ago for a friend of our eldest:

Boy's birthday card


Boy's birthday card


Boy's birthday card


My idea was a tv within a tv within a tv! I was just amusing myself. It is a pre-coloured LOTV image ‘Computer Fun‘ so a bit of a cheat but necessary when all the sand has run out of the egg-timer. The little car die is Memory Box Auto Parts.

Have a lovely weekend,

Emma x

4 thoughts on “Boys Will Be Boys!

  1. Hi! such a beautiful family pictures!!! your boys are full of energy, you must be burnt out!!! lol. I hope you are well. great card! a great idea with the triple TV!!!! Hugs
    Mirella DK

  2. I love this card Emma….those little cars are so cute and I like your idea of TV within TV etc. Glad you had some family time this weekend, love the picture of the little daredevil! Hope you adjust soon to your meds, you sound far too busy not to! We went to Ally Pally this weekend…spent way too much …but had a nice time staying with youngest son yesterday before that long ride home. Washing now! xxx 🙁

  3. Hello Emma,
    Thank you for visiting my blog while I was on holiday, I do appreciate it.
    Your card is beautiful and so are the lovely photos.
    Hugs Teresa x

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