Boy oh Boy!

The little Prince has finally arrived and my goodness you couldn’t have missed it if you tried! I must admit I was keen to hear the news and get a glimpse but “we still haven’t got a name yet” by every reporter on every channel every five minutes was ridiculous. I am more interested in the nitty gritty reality of birth but that is their private story and I’m sure it will stay that way. I found myself wondering about the risk of postnatal depression for Kate – is it greater or lesser than the 1:10 incidence? Hopefully less, with the high level of support at her disposal. But perhaps more – the immense pressure must take its toll and surely feel heavier right now than ever before. Good luck to them though, that first night at home with your new baby is amazing and terrifying!

Diet update – day 8 done and I have been under my calorie goal every day but boy oh boy it’s hard! The hunger pangs are definitely diminishing as my stomach and body adjusts to less food. However the psychology hasn’t changed and I still have carb cravings and want to self-medicate with chocolate in the evening as a stress reliever after the boys have gone to bed. Although I don’t think the side effects of the medication are actually as bad as they used to be perhaps 6 months ago and more, as even my husband doesn’t think I could have managed dieting then. I don’t even feel like I’m losing any weight yet which is a little demoralising but I will hold out until next Monday morning until I take a trip to Boots for a weigh-in. Still giving it my best shot though.

Summer holiday update so far so good, we’re having fun and I’m enjoying the time with my boys. We started Pyjama Drama yesterday with a little reluctance at the start of the class but by the end the eldest was developing his theatrical side and the little one had found himself a girlfriend and was playing hide and seek in the curtains. Today was a trip to feed the ducks and a scooter/bike ride round the park. We had to watch where we were treading though as there were thousands of teeny weeny frogs jumping all over the place. Weird! The red bit is my welly boot:

Tiny Frog - Golden Acre Park


Tiny Frog - Golden Acre Park2

As for crafting, well I’m going to struggle to find the time over summer so may not have too much to upload. Since we’re on the subject of miniature things, I received a pre-order this week from a couple of months ago:

2013 044
It’s a Memory Box Die – Auto Parts. I knew it was small but didn’t realise it was so small! Very cute though so I am looking forward to making use of it. Wish it had three pairs of wheels though, I’ll always be two short! Got a couple of boy’s birthdays coming up so they will come in handy.

Fingers crossed for another good day tomorrow.
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